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A useful citywide, address searchable map that allows visitors to search multiple regions, properties, and local resources. Specific categories include Businesses, Crime Incidents, Parks, Vacancies, Bike Networks, and Zoning Districts.


Department of Licenses and Inspections

The municipal office tasked with issuing licenses and permits for building construction and maintenance, while enforcing all zoning, codes, and regulations.  In April 2011, the L&I department began their Vacant Property Strategy, in which the City identifies vacant properties and encourages the owner to improve the property in order to avoid fines and court cases.

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Office of Housing and Community Development

The municipal office tasked with the administration of housing and community development programs, specifically ones which benefit low- and moderate-income residents.  They often work with community non-profit organizations and other local agencies.

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Office of Property Assessment

The municipal office tasked with assessing properties in Philadelphia in order to determine property taxes.  The OPA also assigns official addresses and administers Tax Abatement Programs for residential construction, rehabilitation, and business improvements.

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Philadelphia City Planning Commission

The municipal office tasked with managing the successful and orderly development of the city of Philadelphia, especially through the use of urban design as a means to improve human interactions and quality of life throughout Philadelphia’s neighborhoods. Currently in development is the ambitious Philadelphia 2035 Comprehensive Plan, which seeks to address longstanding infrastructure improvements and planning initiatives for the city’s evolving future, targeting eighteen distinct districts throughout the city:

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Philadelphia Housing Authority

The public agency responsible for developing, leasing, and managing affordable housing to low-income Philadelphia residents.  The PHA is the fourth largest housing authority in the nation.

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Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority

The municipal office tasked with planning, developing, and improving neighborhoods and ushering the transition toward thriving, diverse, and mixed-use communities.

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