Mantua Civic Association

A young but nonetheless robust civic association established in September 2012 under the direction of Dewayne Drummond, Gwen Morris, and Rev. Andy Jenkins. Mantua Civic has been one of Funeral’s most active partners and promises to be a vital presence in Mantua for many years to come as they continue to “advocate for and represent the issues and concerns of residents, to improve the quality of life for all, and preserve the identity and history of Mantua for the next generation.”

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Mantua Community Improvement Committee

A non-profit 501c3 organization, MCIC’s mission is to “provide cleaning/sanitation and safety services to our community that will beautify our neighborhood and create a safe as well as a healthy environment in which the residents of Mantua can live and prosper.”


Mount Vernon Manor, Inc.

Established in 1978 to address the need for quality, affordable housing in the Mantua neighborhood, Mount Vernon Manor additionally serves as a hub for ongoing revitalization efforts and most recently co-sponsored the ambitious Mantua Transformation Plan. This plan which included a three-phase renovation of Mount Vernon’s existing facilities including the 37th Street and Mount Vernon Playground, the 37th Street supermarket proposal, and the renovation of Mount Vernon Manor. Led by Mike Thorpe, President, Mount Vernon continues the legacy of the Mantua Community Planners and other likeminded civic agencies in the continued improvement of Mantua’s community infrastructure.

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Peoples’ Emergency Center CDC

Established in 1972 as “an integral social justice ministry” under the direction of Asbury United Methodist Church aiming to “confront the reality of homelessness and poverty,” PEC continues on four decades later in their mission to “nurture families, strengthen neighborhoods, and drive change.” PEC has been one of Funeral for a Home’s longest serving allies throughout our implementation process in Mantua.

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The HUB Coalition Incorporated

A registered community organization “dedicated to community service and up-lifting the under-served and those in need.” Services include job placement assistance and general meetings on the revitalization of Mantua’s infrastructure. HUB also provides sports and community building activities for Mantua’s youth.