Gray Area

GRAY AREA is an experiment and a public dialogue to encourage new ways of thinking about older buildings in Philadelphia and beyond. Over the course of 2013/2014, the project will be studying two vacant Philadelphia properties of architectural, cultural and/or historical significance which represent distinctive neighborhoods (Germantown and Powelton Village/Mantua) and building types (industrial and commercial.) Providing an opportunity to think creatively and imaginatively about old buildings in a fast-changing, modern city, GRAY AREA ultimately hopes to consider and develop new ways of leveraging Philadelphia’s decaying and neglected architectural assets. Over the course of the winter and spring 2014 GRAY AREA will be exploring Hawthorne Hall, a former social hall, performance space, and place of worship, and just a few blocks west of our project’s home at 3711 Melon St, Mantua, West Philadelphia.


National Trust for Historic Preservation

Established in 1949, the federal agency whose mission is to “champion and protect places that tell the stories of our past.” Principal projects include the National Treasures program, Endangered Places, and general advocacy for historic preservation throughout the nation. Keep up on valuable preservation news, resources, and musings via their blog:

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Philadelphia Historical Commission

The municipal office tasked with monitoring historic properties, designating historic structures and districts, and passing approval for alterations, restorations, and partial demolitions of historic properties.

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Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia

The public advocate for historic preservation and protection of the built environment in Philadelphia and the surrounding region. The Preservation Alliance is also a key city partner of Funeral for a Home.

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Revolution Recovery

Revolution Recovery is a waste management company based in Northeast Philadelphia and Wilmington, Delaware, committed to the ethical removal of waste materials throughout the region. They provide a complete range of recycling services and pursue a mission to “keep materials out of landfills” and “provide sustainable services at a cost less than traditional landfill disposal.” Revolution Recovery is also an enthusiastic partner of Funeral for a Home and will be graciously opening their doors on March 29, 2014, for a tour of their Philadelphia facility. More info on our Events page here.

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