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A useful citywide, address searchable map that allows visitors to search multiple regions, properties, and local resources. Specific categories include Businesses, Crime Incidents, Parks, Vacancies, Bike Networks, and Zoning Districts.


Conservatorship Handbook: How to Use Conservatorship to Address Blighted and Abandoned Property for Philadelphia’s Community Leaders

In 2008 Pennsylvania State Legislature passed Pennsylvania Act 135, commonly referred to as the Blighted and Abandoned Property Conservatorship Law, or simply, the Conservatorship Law. Conservatorship is designed to facilitate improvement, maintenance, and restoration of blighted and/or abandoned properties under the direction of a court-appointed “conservator.” Though title does not transfer, the conservator and appointed contractors are compensated for their management. The document above, prepared by the Housing Alliance of Philadelphia, is an exhaustive, user-friendly guide to navigating the law.

Department of Licenses and Inspections

The municipal office tasked with issuing licenses and permits for building construction and maintenance, while enforcing all zoning, codes, and regulations.  In April 2011, the L&I department began their Vacant Property Strategy, in which the City identifies vacant properties and encourages the owner to improve the property in order to avoid fines and court cases.

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Gray Area

GRAY AREA is an experiment and a public dialogue to encourage new ways of thinking about older buildings in Philadelphia and beyond. Over the course of 2013/2014, the project will be studying two vacant Philadelphia properties of architectural, cultural and/or historical significance which represent distinctive neighborhoods (Germantown and Powelton Village/Mantua) and building types (industrial and commercial.) Providing an opportunity to think creatively and imaginatively about old buildings in a fast-changing, modern city, GRAY AREA ultimately hopes to consider and develop new ways of leveraging Philadelphia’s decaying and neglected architectural assets. Over the course of the winter and spring 2014 GRAY AREA will be exploring Hawthorne Hall, a former social hall, performance space, and place of worship, and just a few blocks west of our project’s home at 3711 Melon St, Mantua, West Philadelphia.


How to Navigate the Historical Review Process in Philadelphia

Prepared by the Preservation Alliance of Greater Philadelphia, a brief guide for owners of properties already placed on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places and how to accommodate regulations governed by the Philadelphia Historical Commission.

How to Nominate an Individual Building, Structure, Site or Object to the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places

Prepared by the Preservation Alliance of Greater Philadelphia, a step-by-step guide on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places nomination process. Preservation Alliance and partner agency Hidden City also hold workshops throughout the year to help guide you in this nomination process.

Mantua Civic Association

A young but nonetheless robust civic association established in September 2012 under the direction of Dewayne Drummond, Gwen Morris, and Rev. Andy Jenkins. Mantua Civic has been one of Funeral’s most active partners and promises to be a vital presence in Mantua for many years to come as they continue to “advocate for and represent the issues and concerns of residents, to improve the quality of life for all, and preserve the identity and history of Mantua for the next generation.”

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Mantua Community Improvement Committee

A non-profit 501c3 organization, MCIC’s mission is to “provide cleaning/sanitation and safety services to our community that will beautify our neighborhood and create a safe as well as a healthy environment in which the residents of Mantua can live and prosper.”


Mount Vernon Manor, Inc.

Established in 1978 to address the need for quality, affordable housing in the Mantua neighborhood, Mount Vernon Manor additionally serves as a hub for ongoing revitalization efforts and most recently co-sponsored the ambitious Mantua Transformation Plan. This plan which included a three-phase renovation of Mount Vernon’s existing facilities including the 37th Street and Mount Vernon Playground, the 37th Street supermarket proposal, and the renovation of Mount Vernon Manor. Led by Mike Thorpe, President, Mount Vernon continues the legacy of the Mantua Community Planners and other likeminded civic agencies in the continued improvement of Mantua’s community infrastructure.

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Naked Philly

Naked Philly is a development news and real estate blog managed by OCF Realty. They provide city-wide coverage of construction, demolition, and redevelopment projects throughout the year, with an eye toward Philadelphia’s growth.