Revisiting the Waste Stream

This week Funeral for a Home will be sharing videos of events and programs hosted throughout the past year. Up first, our March 29 tour of Revolution Recovery and Waste Management in Northeast Philadelphia. At first glance, municipal waste may not have much to do with a project commemorating historic housing, but the literal tons of waste produced each year by Philadelphia’s residences and the leftover materials of demolition and construction projects throughout the region speak directly to the maintenance needs of a post-industrial City of Homes. By peeling back the curtain, and visiting facilities committed to keeping as much of that material as possible out of the nation’s rapidly overburdened landfills, this Wade Into the Waste Stream was an ideal way to explore the environmental challenges of urban housing, its hidden infrastructure and day-to-day maintenance.

Click here for a short video documenting our tour

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Wade Into the Wastestream