This is Mantua: Photography by Jeffrey Stockbridge

Over the course of the project you may have noticed that we have been populating the home page with different images from Mantua’s past. But for the past few months local photographer Jeffrey Stockbridge has been documenting the neighborhood as it looks and feels today (Jeffrey also captured the snowy, almost iconic, image of the home that graces the cover of our project brochure and is also featured here on the “Funeral” page).

Below are some selections of Jeffrey’s recent work in Mantua. They are images that capture the housing stock, and demonstrate how small rowhomes which are so uniform in design can still take on unique characteristics of their own, whether through owner’s interventions or the ravages of time. But above all else they are a reminder that Mantua is a neighborhood like any other, full of youth and life, homes that are cared for and homes that have fallen to neglect, and promise amidst what some might view, without sympathy, as urban decay. In this way Mantua is reflective of both the city’s triumphs and its heartaches, and Funeral for a Home couldn’t be more pleased to be working in this neighborhood, with its incredibly generous and supportive group of neighbors and organizations, and a shared vision to respect and restore the historic homes still gracing our city’s streets.

Enjoy the small selection of photos below, and a kind reminder that this is just one response to Jeffrey’s images. We invite you to share your own thoughts through the “Share Your Story” field featured on this page.


3600 Fairmount BLOG

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39th and Wallace BLOG


Mantua Dogs BLOG


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